• Female Entrepreneurship: An Interview with MODMASK Founder Maryam Garg

    More women in the US today are starting their own businesses than ever before. In the last 12 years, the yearly growth of women in business has been 4.2%. And, since 1997, women-owned businesses have grown from 26% of all businesses to 39%. Now is a better time than ever before to start your own business as a woman, but of course, there are still barriers that many self-starting female entrepreneurs encounter on their journey to success. Some of the most common obstacles include difficulties in securing funding, developing a support network, and finding entrepreneurial mentors. As a 35-year-old female business owner, grad student, and full-time mom and wife, Maryam Garg, the founder of MODMASK, has encountered many of these same challenges herself. We hope this interview will give you a chance to get to know our founder a little better as well as an opportunity to learn a little more about what’s at the heart of MODMASK:)

  • Mask Care 101: Where Style and Safety Meet

    Mask Care 101: Where Style and Safety Meet

    You’ve just bought a beautiful new reusable mask and taken it out for a spin, and you’ve never felt trendier, (spendier), or eco-friendlier in your life. You finally get home and take it off…but now what? Should you wash it? How? And once you’re done, where should you store it? You decide to do a bit of research and are met with everything from homemade bleach solutions, to machine washing on high heat, to ironing and ironing until your mask feels sufficiently...fried. So much for that super soft fabric or fun, bright pattern you fell in love with—in a couple of weeks, your new mask will look like you’ve had it for a couple of years. But that’s the cost of safety, right? Maybe not. In today’s blog, we’re here to answer some commonly asked questions and offer a few easy ways you can put safety first while still keeping your favorite mask in tip-top shape.

  • The New Normal: Masks as Part of a Post-Pandemic Future

    Six months ago, seeing someone wearing a mask in a supermarket would have been an unusual sight. Today, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, seeing someone without one is. Though mask-wearing has become a pretty commonplace practice in other cultures, under regular circumstances it is still widely viewed as taboo by most Americans. However, here at MODMASK, we believe that the Covid-19 pandemic may be a turning point in the cultural attitude towards mask-wearing in America.
  • Confused about mask wearing guidelines? Here are the top eight tips to increase the effectiveness of wearing your mask

    If you're the average person, you're probably confused. So many conflicting opinions. So many sources that say opposing things. In an effort to make sense of all the mixed messages, we did a bit of research ourselves and want to share with you some of what we’ve learned. 
  • What's the Secret behind MODMASK?

    Micro Modal, too good to be true! Learn more about the benefits of using Micro Modal in our first blog.


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